Mystery pieces serials
My Animal Island 6+
An amazing animals drawing puzzle app.
For kids ages 6 and up.
Absolutely safe, no ADs!
Insipring the kids' imagination and discovery their drawing talent!
More difficult and more interesting than the 2+ version.

Background Story:
Dear little players, you are going to take the hot air balloon called The Explorer, to explore a mysterious island with your friends. The island was once lived joyfully with all kinds of animals, but they were disappeared because of an unknown source of magic. All that remains are small pieces of scrap papers in the shapes of their bodies. Now you will become the master of this mysterious animal island, to collect the scattered pieces and find the missing animals one by one and to bring the joy back to this island.

How to play:
In each level, observe each of the animal shape pieces carefully. On the basis of their distinguishing features, guess which part it originally belongs to. When the key animal pieces are putting together correctly, more pieces will appear as a reward. In each level, all the shape pieces can be assembled into an integrated missing animal, and this animal will become an inhabitant of your happy animal island.
Brilliant little players, it is time to bring your friends and use your wits to find back all the missing animals to become the master of this happy animal island!
This apps is suitable for children ages 6 and up. We recommend that parents play along with their kids.

Key features:
• Innovative gameplay with diverse animal shapes and encouraging rich imagination.
• Simple controls; selected pieces can be moved by touching on the screen anywhere, no need to worry about fingers blocking the view.
• 49 levels, with a learning curve going, from easy to complex.
• 49 different cartoon animal figures; each one is cute and adorable to inspire curiosity.
• More than 400 animal shape pieces giving the apps plenty of contents and varieties.
• Powerful tip system, including tips for location correction and auto-complete function.
• Safe for kids! Absolutely no third-party ads!.

Educational values:
• Fostering imagination
• Fostering observance
• Fostering motor skills
• Learning and to be familiar with the characteristics of different animals.
• Knowing the general process of animal figure design, fostering interest in drawing.


  • Mystery pieces serials
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